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We are passionate about what we do and we enjoy our personal relationships with our partners and customers.


In case you have not been in touch with OIK yet, these are your main contacts at OIK

Alexander, Managing Director & Partner

Found his passion for Tourism in 1991, travel agent, call center and field sales experience. Has a master’s degree in Tourism Management and held various senior management positions in marketing and sales during his career in the tour operating, airline, theme- and holiday park industry.

Loves traveling, diving, mountain biking, trail running and to ride his motorcycles.

Our Product & Sales Managers

Lena Weidebach

Fell in love with Finland during a life-changing school exchange trip to Orivesi, January 2012. This shaped her future by being the reason for achieving her bachelor’s degree in Finnish studies, followed by working at OIK to help other students and travelers find their love for different cultures, places and countries.

Has a passion for different kinds of sports, especially Handball and American Football, loves music, the nature and is always up for learning new things.

Wiebke Harwardt

Currently works part time at OIK and studies part time to finish her master’s degree in Scandinavian Studies. Spent a year in Sweden on a European Voluntary Service, learning the language and helping others to find their place in the World. That’s why she loves working in Tourism.

Has a passion for European royal families, loves watching movies and exploring the world with her friends.

Dominique Knippel

Started travelling as a toddler and developed a passion for travel within the following years. Obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Tourism Management and a Master's degree in International Management. During her studies, she also spent four months in Seville, Spain and seven months in Vancouver, Canada, gaining work experience in the fields of sales, operations and product management.

Has a passion for swimming, loves music and watching movies and enjoys exploring new destinations and cultures.

Pauline Hanns

Found her passion for Tourism during a self-arranged year in Australia and New Zealand. Lived in Dresden for her studies and obtained a bachelor's degree in Tourism and Event Management. Discovered the beauty of the world by traveling to different countries, organizing events, working for tour operating in Denmark and now creating more unforgettable, unique moments with OIK.

Loves culture, traveling and spending time with great people.

Anna Kliewer

Her fascination for the tourism industry already developed in her school days, during which she did several internships in travel agencies and hotels.

During her gap year in Australia and New Zealand, she found also her passion for different cultures and traditions. Back in Germany, she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and participated and helped organizing several student exchanges for the international students' association.

Enabling all kind of travelers to connect with people from other countries and to exchange cultures are the reasons why she loves working for OIK.


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